Learn to accept exactly how you are right now

Learn to accept exactly how you are right now

I have treatment #5 in a few days (or maybe the day you see this). I went for a ‘trot’ today because damn, I wanted to and it might not be at all possible in a few days. I am wobbly and weak, maybe because of my trot. I’m full up on anxiety in this very moment, which...

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I am breathing through and finding the joy

I am breathing through and finding the joy

Damn but this time of year is beautiful. The sun in the morning. The flowers blooming. The trees against the sky. The yellow birds. Yes, my yellow birds are visiting my bird feeder every day. They were coming for a while; they seemed to go away; and they’re back. Damn...

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I woke this am and everything hurt. Everything physical, mental, and emotional. When I put my hand to my heart, I started to sob.

My latest blog post - https://t.co/lwkxeRmO0d - I'm just going to let myself feel it

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Six out of six

Truly took me down

It really is cumulative

But I (mostly) know that I’ll come back

That it will eventually ease

Til then, my hand is on my heart, your love is with me, and I’ll just keep being

#tothemoonandback #thougjtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut https://t.co/mqfhI3a62V
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@Notatrumper1 Chemo super sucks, and it certainly is cumulative...Hang in there!!!! xoxo

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