The meaning of yellow birds

The meaning of yellow birds

I have this thing – there are yellow birds in my neighborhood. Sometimes. And they make me smile. Always. They are so beautiful and pretty. Yes both. I don’t see them that often and when I do, as I said, I smile. I feel like life is good. Great even. I know that I...

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Putting your heart at ease

Putting your heart at ease

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.” Imam Al-Shafi’i I came upon this quote today. It brought me peace. What a concept. That what was meant for me will never miss me and that what...

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Suffering is optional

Suffering is optional

Once again, I heard this in yoga class…but it’s so so so true. So easy to forget, but so so so true. Pain happens. Sometimes pain really, really happens. But how much I suffer with it is at least somewhat in my control…and therefore optional. I know my yoga instructor...

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ran 3 miles in 11:09

I know that’s not fast, but it’s fast for me

especially now

especially after everything

I feel myself healing and also I feel myself not ‘there’ yet

as it slowly sinks in that I had cancer last year

#tothemoonandback #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

Jefferson Airplane concert in Central Park

my relationship with Danny (my dad) was complex to say the least, but here I can feel the love he couldn’t express

tomorrow is his celebration at @raoulsrestaurantnyc

I miss you Danny

#tothemoonandback #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

your background, your behaviors, your attitude , your perspective

how can I recognize, accept, and celebrate even more

let me be me

let you be you

as long as there's not harm, recognize, accept, and celebrate

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

today is my first chemoversary

one year out from my last infusion of perfect poison

it’s huge

the first two years are heavily scanned

I’m halfway thru

and feeling more like myself

I wouldn’t be here without the support from all of you

#tothemoonandback #baldisbeautiful

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