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Lisa Kohn's top 10 tips for raising yourself when you've grown up in a toxic environment

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8 hours ago
I’m taking a coaches course in positive intelligence. It has us looking at childhood pictures to realize the unconditional love we deserve and the inherent beauty of our being.

Try it. It’s powerful.

Ping me if you want support.

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1 day ago
I coach clients to focus on self-care, self-compassion, and self-love

I heal by focusing on self-care, self-compassion, and self-love Giving Yourself Grace for simple powerful ways to up you wellness and joy

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfuleaders #IGotOut
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2 days ago
So much can seem so crucially vital. Hearing from the podcasts I've queried. Hearing from the people who've expressed interest in #tothemoonandback

The need for outside validation from others is definitely, thankfully, fading away with time.

#thoughtfulleaders #IGotOut
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