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Breathe into the space

There is a lot going on. We’re putting the finishing touches on the digital versions of to the moon and back and pushing to finalize the paperback version so that can go up for preorder too — plus finalizing a pre-order incentive campaign that hits soon. Not to mention life, family, friends, my consulting practice and clients, self-care, yoga, lifting, running, meditating…Phew!!

No wonder I feel busy and a bit overwhelmed. Blessed, but busy and a bit overwhelmed.

Then my yoga instructor reminded us (me) to breathe into the space. And to allow there to be space.

That’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m living.

When I breathe, I slow down. Even if it’s barely perceptible, I still feel it. My mind calms, and my heart eases. I think my (much more) regular yoga and meditation practices have strengthened my calming and easing muscles, because I slip into that place more easily now.

When I breathe into the space, I remember that ALL things are possible, and that many, many things are good. My perception shifts; my joy deepens; my peace broadens.

Breathe into the space.

Is it really that simple, my doubting mind asks? Can breath really make that much of a difference?

It does. It does every time.

It still amazes me how easy it is to get caught up in everything, how easy it is to feel anxious and buried and behind. It also amazes me how easy it is to realize – remember – that I very rarely need to be that caught up in everything and anxious. Even if I am buried and behind, it very rarely helps me to feel buried and behind.

Breath into the space. Allow the space. Embrace – and delight in – the space.

Breathe into the space.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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Life is so much easier if you don’t have to prove anything

Yes, it’s another lesson from my yoga practice and instructor. Yes, I think she was talking about yoga. And yes, I think it’s true about life.

Life is so much easier if I don’t have to prove anything.

As someone who can feel such pressure to prove myself – to prove I’m worthy, to prove I’m lovable, to prove I’m doing as much as I possibly can (and most likely to prove I’m doing more than anyone else, just to be certain) – when I release my constant push to do more, better, and best, life is easier. I am easier.

I am easier when I’m in the moment and just enjoying the moment. I am easier when I do “good enough” and let that be enough. I pretty much still have a broken gauge on what is enough, because – as I suggest to my clients – accurate versions of enough and not enough are easily skewed by perfectionism. My “barely enough” is probably more than enough, and my “enough” is probably way more than enough. I just don’t know how to fully know that yet. I’m working on it.

I’m working hard (probably very hard ☺) to build a more accurate gauge with a more reasonable version of enough. It’s a one-day-at-a-time, one-minute-at-a-time, one-learning-at-a-time process. Again, my brother once told me that I try to do “not perfect” perfectly.

It’s a process.

When I let myself do my best in the moment, and I let that be enough. When I let myself breathe and feel the beauty of a pause. When I put my hand on my heart and send myself love and compassion. These are ways I step out of trying, working, and sweating to prove.

The freedom of letting go of my need to prove is immense. And intense. I remind myself – sometimes over and over – that there isn’t anything to prove to anyone, as much as my brain might have been wired to think – and act as if – there is.

I took an assessment the other day. It said that competition was one of my strengths. I read their description and thought, “No. That’s not me.” Everyone I show it to totally sees it as me.

I realize that it’s not that I need to beat others around me; it’s just that I’ve carved grooves in my brain that constantly push me to more, better, the most that I can. Those grooves probably helped keep me whole, and those grooves probably help me achieve.

But those grooves, if not properly monitored, can drive me to too much and to such a need to prove everything all the time.

And life is so much easier if you don’t have to prove anything. I’m going to breathe and remember that, as many times as I need to and can today.

Life is so much easier if you don’t have to prove anything.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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Let your head go

That’s what the yoga instructor said. “Let your head go.”

I’m pretty sure she was talking about physically releasing the muscles in our necks, thinking about relaxing and not holding our heads up, as we eased into humble warrior pose. Needless to say, I heard a bunch more.

I did ground my feet and feel the strength of my legs. I did bow my torso down towards the ground and aim my shoulder under my front leg. I did (my best to) clasp my hands behind my back and allow my arms to raise away from my back…as much as they would go. And I did let my head go. And I let my head go again.

As I held the pose, hearing the instructor repeat her loving challenge for us to let our heads go, I thought about how else I could let my head go.

I aim to let my heart and soul lead my daily actions more than my head. I aim to come from love – for myself and others – and live for joy. I aim to get out of my head and my “stinking thinking,” as I once heard it described, so that I can feel life more fully and show up as my best self.

And my head likes to get very involved in every process.

Now I’m not arguing against thinking things through. I’m not recommending that I don’t use my beautiful, powerful brain to figure things out. I’m not suggesting that there is no value in the incredible value that my mind brings to situations and challenges and opportunities.

But I know my ability to get lost in my thinking. I know my potential to overthink and, especially, over-worry. I have an amazing knack for getting lost in fear or over-analysis.

So I’m practicing letting my head go, just as I practiced during humble warrior.

I’m watching my thoughts and questioning if I need to follow the trail they’re carving in my brain. I’m observing the stories I make up in my mind and challenging myself to breathe, look again, and allow for a different – maybe even more pleasant – story. I’m noticing and noticing and noticing again.

I’m still invested in my meditation practice. I hope I always will be. I’ve witnessed how I can reach more stillness more often, and I love it. I’ve felt myself calm my heart, soul, and mind when the “stinking thinking” gets racing. And I love it.

I’ve let my head go. Again and again and again.

I’m going to let my head go some more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and please share this post with others if it resonates with you!

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