to the moon and back:
a childhood under the influence

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Lisa Kohn’s memoir of being raised in and torn between two conflicting worlds. There was the world she longed for and lived in on weekends – her mother’s world, which was the fanatical, puritanical cult of the Moonies – and the world she was forced to live in during the week – her father’s world, which was based in sex, drugs, and the squalor of life in New York City’s East Village in the 1970’s.

To the Moon and Back

You really need to read this book, because it’s awesome.

Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess 'New York Times' bestselling author of 'Furiously Happy'

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Lisa Kohn's top 10 tips for raising yourself when you've grown up in a toxic environment

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the feeling of everything and anything being too much of an ask hit me today

then I remembered that it’s okay

it’s okay that I’m feeling that way

it’s okay that some days are hard

it’s all okay

thank you @sacred.self.healing

#tothrmoonandback #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

my yellow birds might be gone, but the universe gave me a yellow flower to brighten my day

I will let it all in

I will fuel my heart and soul and allow delight to fill all of me

I will Love With All My Heart

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

for those of you following along

I did nearly 4.5 (for me hilly) miles at 11:40

where slow is the new fast

and I’m just thankful to be here and be to running

and I can do a few downward dogs in my yoga practice!

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

I am watching myself more and more

with more and more compassion and self love and care

to make sure I'm in alignment with myself, my values, my Love With All My Heart, my desire to be and spread love, hope and joy

#tothemoonandback #thoughtfulleaders #baldisbeautiful #IGotOut

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